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« For a lovely trip to Madagascar, first imagine the island of Nosy Be... let your mind wander to Nosy Be and dream of the modern simplicity at the Hotel Gerard and Francine ».


360° Virtual Tour of the Hotel


gerard-et-francine-nosybe-pFor the team of the Hotel Gerard and Francine in Nosy Be, Madagascar, reception is an art and you will be received with all of our attention, treated like family; for you we offer a comfortable atmosphere, our reputation for this style of work is irrefutable and has been for the last 25 years in Nosy Be. It is a charming establishment made of modern, cozy, clean guest rooms; snuggle up between the Crater cliffs, the long beach of Ambatoloaka and its lagoon. More than the charm of the hotel here is the charm of an extraordinary garden on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Indien Ocean where you can watch the sunset. It is on this beach, each day, that the Hotel Gerard & Francine was constructed in 1988 amongst the tropical flower gardens and the palms where we enjoy the company of freedom, lemurs, hummingbirds, chameleons. One particular area of attention is providing the decoration of your rooms, using typical Malagasy architecture, traditional construction with wood floors and creole ceilings. For your comfort, all amenities are environment-friendly, hot water is solar-heated in your showers though the faucets and equipment are all modern (Read on about the Guest Rooms of the Hotel).

hotel-nosybe-bord-mer-plage-p You can rejuvenate your feet in the water and the sand among the coconut trees where you can collect your thoughts in our vast solarium, installed directly on the beach at the end of our superb natural pool: the sea. You can also find yourself a glass at sunset, in front of the colorful evening sky, a scene with unmatched reputation for beauty in the Mozambique Channel and if you watch closely you can see the famous "green flash.". chambre-hotel-ambatoloaka-pA little later you can meet with friends and family at our bar in the Guest House for mellow discussions about your activities and daily-life in Nosy Be or the other lovely islands of Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Komba, or Nosy Iranja where you can travel for day trips from our hotel (Read on at Activities and Excursions). You can meet other clients with whom you may enjoy going on these daily voyages in Madagascar or simply out and about in Nosy Be's wonderful locations, restaurants, boutiques, and bars in the nearby village of Ambatoloaka (Nosy Be Ambatoloaka).

For Gerard and Francine, a French-Malagasy couple, you are a VIP. You, the guest, are their first concern; Gerard and Francine start work everyday with the aim of ensuring that you are able to unwind in many calm conditions without any disturbances from the environment and population. The hotel "Gerard and Francine" has been implicated since 1995 in the environment-friendly treatment of village waste and the training of locals in these practices as well as in reducing energy consumption through use of solar power. Furthermore, the practice of sexual tourism is strictly forbidden in any fashion on the premises (Read on at Lasting Tourism). For the last 25 years the hotel has existed and we welcome you to add to the comments on the web, and in our guides we'll share them (Read on at Comments).

Far from the tourism of the masses and the unfortunate practices found elsewhere, the hotel Gerard and Francine offers you an individual service with independent Malagasy operators who are serious and professional about their work (Activities and Excursions). In this way you can go out to explore the Malagasy villages and the valleys of fields, climb to the point of Mont Passot or in Nosy Komba, covered with magnificent tropical plants, discover the life and culture of Malagasy whose charm and strength is incontestable.

At the hotel Gerard and Francine, you will feel at home and you can depend on us for your accommodations throughout your stay in Nosy Be and don't hesitate to ask for any help or assistance if you have unaddressed needs.

Suggested thoughts before your visit here:
The sexual tourism is an attack on human dignity, condemned by Malagasy law and International law and the Hotel Gerard et Francine does not tolerate any such violations.

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Ambatoloaka - Hell Ville - BP 193
Nosy Be 207 - MADAGASCAR
Tél. : +261 32 07 127 93
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