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Ambatoloaka - Hell Ville - BP 193 Nosy Be 207 - MADAGASCAR

To discover Nosy Be you can begin at the Hotel Gerard et Francine.

For Gerard and Francine, a French-Malagasy couple, you are a VIP

ou, the guest, are their first concern; Gerard and Francine start work everyday with the aim of ensuring that you are able to unwind in many calm conditions without any disturbances from the environment and population. The hotel "Gerard and Francine" has been implicated since 1995 in the environment-friendly treatment of village waste and the training of locals in these practices as well as in reducing energy consumption through use of solar power. Furthermore, the practice of sexual tourism is strictly forbidden in any fashion on the premises

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Suggested thoughts before your visit here:
The sexual tourism is an attack on human dignity, condemned by Malagasy law and International law and the Hotel Gerard et Francine does not tolerate any such violations.